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Campaign for Prison Medical Care and Decent Conditions

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For decades the Alliance has responded to the crisis in prison conditions on three fronts: We intervene directly in emergency medical cases and press for immediate action on the part of Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) medical staff and medical contractors. We intervene directly in cases of brutality and crimes committed by staff against prisoners and press for immediate restorative action on the part of IDOC staff. We have testified on several occasions before State Legislative Committee hearings concerning these problems.  For copies of some of the testimony given by the Alliance click HERE. The Alliance receives dozens of letters every week from men and women incarcerated in IDOC prisons and country jails across Illinois.  Although we have no paid staff, we answer every letter through the work of selfless volunteers.  Wherever possible we make calls to prison authorities, and we coach family members of prisoners to make such calls, with the aim of demanding that medical misfeasance and malfeasance and staff violations of prisoners’ rights are corrected. Proposal for an independent Medical Ombudsman over the IDOC medical system This experience has enabled us to work with experts in correctional health care and broad community forces to put forward a proposal for a Medical Ombudsman over the IDOC medical system which would separate medical grievances of prisoners from the mass of everyday grievances filed and fast track them in a system that would be independent of IDOC medical staff and could order that care previously denied or delayed be provided when independent professional medical ombudsmen deem it necessary.  For a copy of the Alliance Draft Proposal for a Medical Ombudsman click HERE. Only a mass movement can bring the change that is needed We have no illusion that we can bring justice to a fundamentally unjust system simply by calling attention to its serious violations of human rights.  Our goal has always been to organize prisoners and their families and friends into a broad democratic movement involving the whole community, informed by the recognition that an injustice to one threatens all with injustice.  It is only through a mass movement engaged in mass political struggle that change will be...

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Endorsers of the August 28 March on City Hall for Peace with Justice

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Endorsers of the August 28, 2013 March on City Hall for Peace and Justice To Stop Police Crimes by passing a law creating an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council AbdudDharr Abdullah Family & Friends of Dr. Mutulu Shakur National Jericho Movement* Khalid Abdullah Abudayyeh Abudayyeh Hatem Abudayyeh Moisa Abudayyeh Maria Adamson Earlham College* Wale Afolayan Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Priscilla Agbeo High School Student Sir Gerald Akbar Rashad al-Amreki Joe Allen Craig Althage Eric Anderson Jani Anderson Kehlinole Animashaun Aromzi Nesreen Askar AAAN Jeff Baker Stop Police Crimes Organizing Committee Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Committee for a Better Chicago* Alejandro Barba Anne Beal University of Chicago* Roger Beltrami Anti War Committee* Yvette Berry John Boelter PLP* Blaise Bornhorst Richmond Bowens Tobin Braden Michele Brock Michele Brock Enterprises Marissa Brown Occupy the South Side Lamont Burnett Jennie Byat Rosemary Cade William Calloway Christianaire Inc.* Anthony  Capetta Monica Carter DePaul University* Wanda Carter Nathalie Castro DePaul University* Jesse Caver Oman Cazares Isannah Challinor Kim D. Chanbonpin Frank Chapman Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Mark Clements Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Kris Clutter Citizen’s Alert People’ s Law Office Curley Cohen Ibi Cole Elaine Coleman Loretta B Coleman Percy Coleman Co-Chairman, Chicago G.O.P.* Kimberly Coles Erin Cox 8th Day Center for Justice Barbara Cramer Bobbie Crew Jeanette Cummings M. Cummins Molly Cunningham University of Chicago Graduate Student United* Anthony Curry Joe Dailey CPUSA* Gladyes Daniel James H. Daniel James Daniel Jr. Brandon Daurham Elder  Dave Davenport Stephanie Davis Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Francesco De Salvatore Curtistine Delaney Liz Deligio Aaron Dellutri Chicago Area Peace Action* Brenda  Devers Samuel A. Dreesen Clarice Durham Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Panzy Edwards Sean Edwards Duncan R. Ellington Mike Elliot Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression UAW Local 551 Union Solidarity Committee Bertha Escamilla Betty Ester Citizens Network of Protection* Nicholas Falsey Chanelle Farmer Emmet Farmer Justice for Flint Farmer Beryl Fitzpatrick Dorothy Flanigan Free Howard Morgan Campaign Dickey Gaines Gail Gardner Angela Gibson Mitchell Gilbert University of Chicago* Zachary Gittrich Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Don Goldhamer Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights Meritere Gomez C. Goodrum Anne Goodwin Rev. Doris Green Men and Women in Prison Ministry* S Gregory Caitlin Grey Dr. Peggy Griffin Global Outlook Educational Services* Eldon Grossman Melanie Hall Student Rev. Alice Harper-Jones Kenwood United Church of Christ* Jeff Hastings DePaul University* Dylan Hayworth-Wesle NATO 5 Defense Committee Randi Hensley Sheila Hilderbrand Patricia Hill Chicago Independent Human Rights Council Tony Hintze Nicolas Hobson Putting America Back to Work Movement* Gilda Hooks Caroline Hudson Joe Iosbaker M  Isaiah Bishop Edgar Jackson Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Coalition* Kathy Jackson Luster Jackson Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights Shantique Jackson Devin James Brandy Jesernik UIC Student Nurse Carolyn Johnson Mary Johnson Michael Johnson Rose Joshua South Side Branch NAACP* Mariame Kaba Project NIA* Barabara Kessel DeLois Lacey South Side Branch NAACP Criminal Justice Committee* Lajuana Lampkins Steven Lehman Cheree Leslie Brenda Lett Allisah  Love Marc Loveless Jeff Lowstein Gregory Malandrucco University of Chicago* Shetty Manu University of Chicago* Marilena Marchetti Danea Mather Columbia College Chicago* Mayombo Mbanza Student, Valparaiso University School of Law Cathy McMillian Tom McNulty Christina Mendeza Donald Miller Rosalind Morgan Free Howard Morgan Campaign Yusufu Mosley Imagine Englewood If* Critical Resistance* S Muhammad Ronelle Mustin Atty. Lew Myers Prexy Nesbitt Columbia College Chicago* Racheal Noble Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Crista Noel Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against Girls & Young Women* Abu Bakr Nurruddin Aidali Oquendo Catherine...

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Legislation to Create CPAC

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Summary of the Draft Legislation for an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council enabling prosecution of criminal police abuse of human rights Download CPAC People’s Guide  (2-sided) SIGN THE CPAC PETITION    Download Summary (PDF) Download Text of Draft Legislation (PDF)Download Boceto  legislativo para elegir un Consejo Para el Rendimiento de Cuentas (PDF) The Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, together with representatives of many community-based organizations, has drafted a proposal for establishing a democratic, elected, Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) in Chicago.  Attorneys working with the CAARPR Task Force on Police Crimes is perfecting this proposal.  It includes a strong prosecutorial component – CPAC may petition the Chief Judge of the U. S. District Court to allow criminal charges before a sitting Grand Jury when police commit a crime such as battery, unlawful arrest, racial profiling, torture, rape, and murder when committed by police officers.  Illinois has abolished the death penalty.  It should strive to abolish the arbitrary use of deadly force by police. The draft legislation is a work in progress.  Highlights of the proposed legislation include: Establish an elected CPAC over the Chicago Police Department.  It shall have the authority to Appoint the Superintendent of Police. Re-write the police rule book, including all use of force guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures, Rules, and General Orders. Investigate police misconduct. Investigate all police shootings, including all police involved shootings that kill unarmed people. Provide increased transparency of all investigations, including police involved shootings, and greater statistical analysis of demographic information of complaints by type and victim. Increase rates at which complaints are sustained based on thorough investigations of all allegations of police misconduct and violations of the US Constitution and Human Rights’ law. Be the final authority regarding discipline in the Chicago Police Department. Indict police officers for crimes they commit. Establish its own budget CPAC will replace the current rubber-stamp Police Board. CPAC will take over the job of the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) and eliminate it. CPAC will reduce bias and guarantee fair treatment of victims of police misconduct. CPAC will be elected by Police District and will have racially and ethnically equitable and proportional representation from each district. The bill creating CPAC may be strengthened by adding some additional measures: CPAC should make simple complaint forms available to anyone, at City Hall, all public libraries, and all Police Department District Headquarters. CPAC should Encourage UN Human Rights Commission to audit Chicago Police standards and their implementation. CPAC can assign a Civilian to be Chief of the Internal Affairs division, as in New Orleans. CPAC can create of a successor/ leadership program within the ranks for the Superintendent of police. CPAC can increase community outreach and involvement in our police districts and departments. CPAC can establish a democratically constituted  Police Pension Review...

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