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Stanley Wrice is free at last, but the crimes of torture and false imprisonment continue

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To download a pdf version of this statement click here. For release December 16, 2013 For information contact Mark A. Clements,, 312-939-2750 (Office) 847-276-1382 (Cell) Stanley Wrice is free at last, but the crimes of torture and false imprisonment continue Thursday, December 11, 2013 was great day for Stanley Wrice.  It took Judge Richard Walsh only a few minutes to say “Dismissed” in the case against Wrice, releasing him from prison 31 years after he was falsely charged and convicted and sentenced to natural life for a crime he did not commit. Judge Walsh also raised serious questions about our criminal justice system as a whole.  Wrice was victimized by police, who tortured him until he confessed, and then Cook County State’s Attorney Richard M. Daley.  Cook County Special Prosecutor Stuart Nudleman fought Wrice and his attorneys’ efforts to win a new trial.  In 2011 they file petition the Illinois Supreme Court to block Wrice from a hearing on his claim of torture, claiming that “confessions that were tortured from criminal suspects under Burge should be treated as harmless error”. In December, 2010 Wrice’s conviction had been reversed by the Illinois Appellate court. Wrice sat in prison for 31 years, despite evidence at his trial that Cook County Jail doctors validated his claim of tortured by police. During his trial this evidence showed that he had suffered injury at the hands of Chicago Police Detectives John Bryne and Peter Dignan, both of whom were Burge subordinates who had been frequently accused of torturing criminal suspects at the time Wrice was arrested. The ordeal suffered by Wrice was hell on earth.  He was taken from society at 29 years of age and is now returning after his 60th birthday. We know how much it has cost the City of Chicago and Cook County to settle law suits resulting from the tortures committed by Burge and his subordinates.  However the costs incurred by Cook County in prosecuting innocent people and fighting every effort to obtain justice in their cases is not known. Tax payers are silently being billed to warehouse innocent inmates, while the Cook County State’s Attorney Office rejects all claims, is paying witnesses to lie, is making back room deals with criminals, and is suppressing evidence in order to keep innocent people behind the walls of a prison. One, two, or perhaps three wrongful convictions might be considered an accident.  However when there are so many being released each year in Illinois as the result of wrongful conviction and tortured confessions it has to be viewed as systemic crisis.  In Just the past year we Nicole Harris, Daniel Taylor, Carl Chatman, Lathieral Boyd, Stanley Wrice and others have walked out of prison who never should have been there because they were innocent. This screams for measures to hold officers accused of these torturesaccountable, along with the Assistant Cook County State’s Attorneys that tried these cases, the various State’s Attorneys from 1972 until present, and judges that oversaw these legal lynchings while ignoring compelling evidence that the victims of tortures were innocent. Cook County State’s Attorney Alvarez continues to deny the innocence and police crimes against Howard Morgan, Clayborn Smith, Gerald Reed, Johnny Plummer, Virgil Robinson, Stanley Howard, George Anderson, Jamie Jackson, James Harris, Harvey Allen, Javan Deloney, Tyrone Hood, Miguel Morales, and many others.  Over 100 people were tortured by polioce in Chicago, and mosrt sre still in prison.  This is an on-going conspraciy to deprive these victims of police crimes their Constitutional rights. Victims of Chicago Police Torture must be provided with some compensation from the city...

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Come to a Meeting

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Come to a Meeting to Stop Police Crimes with the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression.   All who oppose police crimes or who have been affected by them are welcome. The SPC Organizing Committee meets every Monday afternoon at 6:00 pm at the Alliance Office at: 1325 S. Wabash Ave. Suite 105.  We are a block south of the Roosevelt Road Red, Green and Orange Line Station. . There are also Stop Police Crimes Working Groups that meet on a variety of regular dates (schedule to be posted ) The SPC Working Groups focus on various aspects of the campaign for justice, to get CPAC passed. All are open and you welcome to join any or all.  Call 312-939-2750 for more information about SPC meetings and groups,   SPC Organizing Committee Meeting  When: Every Monday @ 6:00 pm Location: 1325 S. Wabash, Suite 105   More ways to get involved … * Join Stop Police Crimes Community Outreach , every Sat 12 noon – 3pm DETAILS  * Sign & share the CPAC petition, share on social media * Talk about CPAC & community control of the police with your neighbors, friends, community organizations, church… If you would like to organize a Stop Police Crimes meeting in your community, contact us and let us know how we can help, call 312 939 -2750 or email: * Donate  * Forward the SPC newsletter * Attend SPC upcoming events  * Sign up for SPC Days of...

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Rekia Boyd’s Murderer Finally Charged

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Today was truly a moment of truth for the Rekia Boyd family and our movement. From the very start we called this murder, a wanton and senseless murder of a young woman gunned down in the prime of her life by CPD Officer Dante Servin. For the first time in 15 years a Chicago police officer has been charged with shooting a civilian and that is truly incredible. While we dip our banners and acknowledge that Servin’s indictment is a victory, we also hasten to add that without a movement for justice for Rekia Boyd, Detective Servin would not have been charged with manslaughter.

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