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Prosecute Cook County Police Crimes, US Atty. Gen. Eric Holder

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PROSECUTE CHICAGOLAND POLICE CRIMES US ATTY.GEN. ERIC HOLDER     PRESS CONFERENCE WED AUG 27TH @ 10AM  219 S Dearborn, Federal Building, corner of Dearborn and Jackson Read Letter to US Atty Gen Eric Holder   Our Chicago Alliance is presenting on behalf of over 100 survivors of police crimes  and torture an open letter to the U.S. Attorney General. As part of the delivery of our letter to the U.S. Department of Justice we will convene a news conference at 10:00am, August 27, 2014 in front of the federal building at Dearborn and Jackson. At the news conference we will discuss the fact that Chicago is very much a part of the national epidemic of police crimes. Police killings such as the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson MO have taken place dozens of time in Chicago and Cook County.  Because of the major human and civil rights violations perpetrated by police against civilians throughout the Greater Chicago Area we are complaining and petitioning to the DOJ to investigate these police crimes and to prosecute the perpetrators. We are appealing to you to come out and support us. We have the participation of the 65 victims and survivors of police crimes.  Your presence  will be a demonstration for justice and an expression of solidarity with our communities under siege. We are appealing to you and/or your organization to come out and bring your banners and signs of protest and express your solidarity not only with us but with the sisters and brothers who came to in Ferguson from Baltimore, New York City – from all over this land and even from Palestine. This same FBI/DOJ that put Assata Shakur on the “most wanted terrorist list” has been dragging its feet in investigating the video-recorded murder of Flint Farmer by Police Officer Gildardo Sierra. The same FBI/DOJ that has been targeting and repressing peace and solidarity groups and the Arab American community has yet to do anything around the murder of Trayvon Martin.  And this very same FBI/DOJ has never prosecuted anyone for the torture cases here in Chicago even though we have been to the United Nations and have demonstrated that this is a clear violation of U.S treaty obligations with the U.N. Add your voice to ours and come put your feet in the street with us at 10:00 am on August 27, 2014 at the Federal Building, Dearborn and...

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From Rebellion to Community Control of the Police: A Message of Solidarity From Chicago to Ferguson

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  From Rebellion to Community Control of the Police: A Message of Solidarity From Chicago to Ferguson Frank Chapman, Field Organizer Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression The murder, this past Sunday, of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old African American, in Ferguson, Missouri has resulted in an uprising of the people. We send heart-felt condolences to the family and friends of Michael Brown and stand in solidarity with the sisters and brothers in Ferguson. The media has focused on the so-called “rioting” and the police with dogs, clubs and guns ready were poised for making the usual blood bath to put down the rebellion. But the determined will of the people to stop police crimes also erupted in organized mass protest and “cries of no justice no peace!” We can say to our sisters and brothers in the struggle in Ferguson thank you for not being quiet and tame in the face of death stalking our communities like a hungry lion. Thank you for your outrage and for finding the courage to stand up to police who are more and more behaving like an organized lynch mob. Criminals who operate under the authority of the badge are the worst kind of criminals because the system will not jail them or prosecute them when they commit crimes against African Americans and Latinos. So we say to the powers that be don’t you dare counsel us about “rioting” until you stop these lawless acts of cops who kill and brutalize our people with impunity. Who do you think you are that you can murder and abuse us and spew your racist venom at us and then chide us about being outraged?Let’s look at some underlying realities. The population of Ferguson is at least 60% African American and its poverty is double Missouri’s average. While Black people are struggling with poverty there is also in Ferguson Emerson Electric, a $24 billion company with 132,000 employees all around the world. In an area where there are billions of dollars in revenue poverty is common place and police repression rampant.  This is the reality of the United States of North America which claims to be concerned about democracy in Iraq but can’t take a stand against the unwarranted violence perpetrated against its own citizens and residents.We must make this a political struggle because we are confronted with political repression with a racist cutting edge. In our righteous anger we must not just engage in rants of rage. We must start now to organize people to force our political representatives to enact laws that will empower the people to hold the police accountable for the crimes they commit. We need a strong democratic voice through an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council. That’s what we are fighting for here in Chicago but police crimes are not confined to Chicago we must fight for this everywhere. Ferguson included.    ...

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Stop The Violence: Rhetoric vs. Reality

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Stop The Violence: Rhetoric vs. Reality Frank Chapman, Field OrganizerChicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression    Over the past couple of weeks pundits, politicians and preachers have come out against violence in Chicago and are calling for solutions that range from gun control, to more police and policing to federal intervention. Some have called upon the President to send in federal troops while others are calling for several billion dollars to be invested in reconstruction that will address housing, unemployment, and education, health care and so on. But over the 4th of July weekend the police killed two children. One of them was a 16 year-old who was shot during a party. The police said he pointed a gun. (“He had a gun” has always been a standard practice of police crimes). Nearly a hundred neighbors said he was murdered and no gun was pointed. In the last two weeks alone—Francisco Rocha in Brighton Park died after being tasered by CPD and Juan J. Perea of Little Village was shot by police officers, who said they found him at 6:15am ‘pointing a gun at them’ So how can people come out against violence and not mention police crimes at all? Rev. Jackson made this same point in the murder of Hadiya Pendleton, the young honor student, back in February of 2013.   While the city, state and government must be held accountable for not addressing the underlying causes of violence in Chicago, Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Mayor Rahm Emanuel cannot hold them accountable; the people must hold them accountable in order to make the transition from rhetoric to reality.  Rev. Jackson is calling for a reconstruction plan for Chicago  and Mayor Emanuel is calling for the creation of a partnership for peace. Rev. Jesse Jackson is calling for government action, chiding President Obama to ask congress for 2 or 3 billion dollars for economic and social reconstruction in the blighted areas of Chicago. The Mayor is saying that as a community we need to demand more of ourselves and give our youth alternatives to street life.  This is rhetoric coming from a Mayor whose policies of budget cuts have left the poor and the working class people even more desperate. Closing 50 schools and repeatedly enforcing mass austerity doesn’t address the problem but compounds it. Consequently, the suffering masses know that this is just talk. But since there is really no organized social protest movement demanding that he push youth programs that provide alternatives to the streets he can always fall short of a program of action and blame the victims.   We get a different kind of rhetoric from Rev. Jackson. He actually speaks of our communities as zones of disaster characterized by massive unemployment, foreclosure on houses, vacant lots and fewer schools and he calls upon the President to lead the charge in attacking these problems.What’s wrong with both of these approaches in my opinion is that neither one is about organizing the people to protest and demand the changes that will give our youth alternatives to the streets through education, recreation and jobs. We are asking the government to do something as opposed to protesting and demanding that they do something. Power concedes nothing without a struggle. The violence in Chicago is appalling. But we also know that it is largely a consequence of the drug war which is a smoke screen for mass incarceration and police crimes. The violence takes place in the absence of justice in our communities. We believe it can be ended by a movement for justice which demands democratic community control of the police. Community control of the police will give the people the much needed organizing space to fight for social-economic justice and the abolition of institutionalized racism. The violence cannot be ended by more police or a “partnership for peace” that ignores the need for justice.   This brings me to the position that our organization takes on the question of violence. First of all, let us talk about the different kinds of violence. What makes news in...

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