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Stop Police Crimes Summer 2015 Organizing Needs

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. .     DETAILS: How to Get Involved in the Stop Police Crimes Community Outreach..   Neighborhood Tabling and Organizing We currently have a presence in a limited number of neighborhoods based around information tables where we engage community members and collect signatures in support of CPAC. We also publicize upcoming events like the recent August 29th demonstration and distribute First Defense Legal Aid information ( as well details of our police crime survivor support group that meets every 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 6pm at 1325 S Wabash, Suite #105. From these tables we have been enlisting community members to carry literature and petitions back through the neighborhood. We need you to help staff these tables. Our work model so far has been to have new volunteers get used to corner work by starting at established locations with Alliance organizers. Once you are comfortable with the work, you could oversee that table or move on to establish a new location. The eventual goal is to have people from the community take over the tabling. We will expand to more communities as fast as our manpower allows. Here are the locations we work at so far: 53rd & Harper 63rd & King Dr., 63rd & Cottage Grove, 69th & the Dan Ryan 112th & Michigan Madison & Pulaski Logan Square Humboldt Park Tabling is every Saturday from Noon until 3PM. These locations need more staffing so if you have a couple of hours free each week join us!. We need to spread the campaign to even more communities.  Call us now at 312.939-2750 or email: to let us know which table location you can assist with. Organizational Mobilizing If you are a member or representative of an organization such as a union local, church, political, or affinity group you can mobilize your organization to work on the campaign for CPAC including tabling and outreach.  Use the manpower and resources of your organization to spread the campaign. Distribute CPAC literature to the membership or contacts of your organization. Use your networks for phone banking. Don’t hesitate to come up with your own ideas to promote CPAC as an organization. If you would like us to come to your group or organization to present more info about CPAC, call us at 312.939-2750 or email:     To get involved with any of the above please call us at 312.939-2750 or email

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The Movement for CPAC

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THE MOVEMENT FOR ALL ELECTED ALL CIVILIAN POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY COUNCIL – CPAC So far the response to police crimes nationally has been to take it to the streets. A movement is building. Actions, often led by young activists, have focused national and international attention on police crimes and the oppressive weight of our racist system of injustice. But after the protests, after the insurrections, what is left behind? The undeniable power of the people in the streets may get this cop or that cop indicted. The Department of Justice may or may not investigate resulting in window dressing reforms or recommendations. Then what? The cycle starts anew? Another case of police abusing, torturing, murdering? We need a systemic change. We need to create permanent community control over the police, a constant vigilant police watch, an institutional embodiment of the power of the people. We, in Chicago, believe that the proposed legislation for the creation of an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council(CPAC) can be that institution. Skeptics point to two perceived flaws in CPAC. One is that it is unwinnable—“They’ll never let us have it”. The second is that once won it will be ineffective, coopted or marginalized—“just another useless political reform”. The answer to both objections is one and the same. The winning of CPAC depends on a movement. Without a movement nothing can be won. Without a movement nothing that is won can be sustained. CPAC presupposes a movement. The power of that movement also ensures the success of CPAC. If CPAC were weakened or coopted, that movement would rise to the defense of its original intent. “We have a movement”, one might say. True, but the movement we have at this stage is not nearly powerful enough. It must be broadened. It has to come from the neighborhoods, from the oppressed communities that bear the burden of the current police occupation. That means organizing in these communities and, ultimately, organizing by members of these communities. The response to our petition drives at community tables in Chicago has been enthusiastic. People want a change. People want CPAC. We have the potential power of the people on our side. Only a community based people’s movement can win and maintain CPAC. How do we achieve this? How do we branch out to the communities that need CPAC? We have got to do the hard work of organizing, neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street, block by block. We need the people who have indicated that they want to volunteer for the campaign for CPAC to step up and join the collective effort. The first step is a big one but also a rewarding one. At every corner where we have set up a community table to promote CPAC there has been an explosion of support. Our resources have been stretched thin. We need your help, whether you are a conscious activist in the movement or new to this fight. Please sign up to help run these tables and more so we can spread the campaign and transform it into a true people’s movement. It has been over forty years since there has been a powerful grass roots movement for social justice. We’re out of practice. We need to overcome any fear, despair or apathy that has kept us on the sidelines. Our brothers and sisters in the labor movement know about the power of collective action. Our brothers and sisters in Ferguson, New York and Baltimore know about the power of collective action. Let us in Chicago rise to the challenge and demand a concrete solution. No more police boards, no...

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RALLY – Charleston Massacre and Black Liberation RISE UP! June 23 2015

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      CHARLESTON MASSACRE AND BLACK LIBERATION RISE UP! DEMAND THE JUSTICE WE DESERVE PRESS COVERAGE: People’s World   FightBack!News When: 5pm Tuesday, June 23 2015 Where: Federal Plaza, Chicago Adams & Dearborn Contact: Frank Chapman (312)513-3795 or call CAARPR (312)939-2750 Join & share on FB Mother Emanuel is a sacred shrine of the Black Liberation Movement and at this moment is the site of a racist massacre of Black people. This is so much more than symbolic for in the deranged and delusional minds of racists the struggles of Black people for freedom can be abolished by murder and terror. While fear and terror are the ancient tools of the oppressor they have never been proven to be more powerful than the struggle for freedom. The Freedom Movement is agitated into existence by oppression, by the thousands of wrongs and injustices heaped upon us daily until we arrive at that turning point where we are fired up and can’t take it no more. Then the struggle starts up again as open rebellion and no one individual or government entity can stop it. Every time we have rebelled throughout our history we have been met by white, racist resistance designed to frighten and terrorize us back into submission. In the wake of the Denmark Vesey Rebellion of 1822 Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was burned to the ground and was later shuttered by the slave-holding City of Charleston in 1834. Mother Emanuel A.M.E. was reorganized in 1865 in a new building designed by Denmark Vesey’s son, Robert Vesey. The timing of this current massacre coincides with the anniversary of the Rebellion of 1822 led by Vesey. The clock of history never turns back. Freedom is a constant struggle. Today is no different. Maybe the individual who perpetrated this massacre is not part of an organized racist hate group but it doesn’t matter since his actions are consistent with the gang of cops who lynch-murdered Eric Garner or Chicago cop Dante Servin who shot into a group of Black people and murdered Rekia Boyd. A government which allows cops to murder Black people with impunity cannot escape accountability by apologizing and being in hot pursuit of one racist murderer when you have let Darren Wilson and other racist murderers go because they carried a badge. If there ever was a clarion call from our history for us to rise up and demand that this Government and this Nation cease and desist in all its institutionalized racism and genocidal policies against our people this is it. WHAT IS THE SEAT OF GOVERNMENT POWER IN THIS CITY GOING TO DO? LET US GO TO FEDERAL PLAZA TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2015, AT 5PM AND DEMAND THE JUSTICE WE DESERVE. For further information contact: Frank Chapman (312)513-3795 or call CAARPR (312)939-2750...

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Freedom Beyond Occupation & Incarceration: Angela Davis/Rasmea Odeh

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UPDATE: Freedom Beyond Occupation & Incarceration An Afternoon with Angela Davis & Rasmea Odeh, UIC Chicago, Sunday June 28, 2015 What an honor this was and is for the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression to stand with Angela Davis and thousands of others in solidarity with Rasmea Odeh’s struggle for justice PRESS COVERAGE     ...

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Chicago Police Torture: How Would CPAC Make a Difference?

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FREE ALL THE TORTURE VICTIMS! Of all the detective divisions in the Chicago Police Department, Areas 2 & 3 on the South Side have the most famous history of police crimes. In the 1970s, 80s and 90s, 200 young men, mostly Black, were imprisoned on convictions won by the government through forced confessions gained by torture. The head of the detectives in Area 2, then Area 3, was Jon Burge.  Of course, Burge was only the head of a torture ring. Three of his torture ring of white detectives – Kenneth Boudreau, John Halloran, and James O’Brien – victimized their own list of men. And four of those prisoners,  Sean Tyler, Andre Brown, William Negron, George Anderson plus Anthony Jakes and Jaime Hauad have court appearances in the coming weeks, see details here. How things could have been different had an elected, civilian police accountability council (CPAC) been in place when these men were arrested: Transparency for all investigations. Cover ups by cops would be prevented because a CPAC councilor and staff would be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle immediate complaints lodged against the Department in that district. The council would have the power to request information related to an investigation from any employee or officer of the district. Subpoena power, to force cops to testify. Subpoenas would also compel the attendance of witnesses for purposes of examination and the production of documents and other items for inspection and/or duplication. Timely investigation. With subpoena power, the State’s Attorney won’t be allowed to delay an investigation. Prevent cover ups. If the States Attorney conspires to cover up police crimes, CPAC has the power to refer cases to the U.S. Federal Grand Jury and the U.S. Attorney to seek indictments of police officers for crimes they commit. Cooperation with investigations. CPAC would choose and supervise the superintendent of the police. The superintendent can order commanders to cooperate with investigations. Discipline and criminal charges. CPAC would be the final authority on discipline in the CPD. CPAC will replace the current rubber-stamp Police Board and take over the job of the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) and eliminate it. No more slaps on the wrist. Police crimes will be dealt with by suspensions and firings.    ...

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