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Boycott Black Friday Fight Back for CPAC 2016

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BOYCOTT BLACK FRIDAY NOVEMBER 25, 2016: FIGHT BACK FOR CPAC   UPDATE           Press Coverage Chicagoist – Mag Mile Protesters Block Storefronts On Black Friday & Demand Police Oversight Chicago Reader Activists disrupt Black Friday shopping on Chicago’s Mag Mile Medill Northwestern Post-election, fight for police accountability in Chicago continues WGN Protesters expected to hit mag mile  Democracy Now headlines         Suntimes Black Friday Protest Planned Along Michigan Ave Chicago Tribune Black Friday Michigan Ave Protes CBS Chicago Black Friday Protest Patch Will Black Friday Protest Stop Your Shopping Chicagoist Large Scale Protest Planned for Black Friday Why we boycott Rahm Emanuel’s ALL appointed Chicago police board members Mag Mile businesses supporting Trump empire              WHAT: Boycott Back Friday for CPAC  WHEN: 10am Black Friday Friday Nov 25, 2016 WHERE: Water Tower Monument, 806 N Michigan FB Boycott Back Friday for CPAC     Rahm Emanuel’s All-Appointed Chicago Police Board Members On Wednesday, October 5, 2016 Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability (CopA) ordinance passed the City Council by a vote of 39 to 8. There are those in our movement who see this as a loss or, worse, as a demoralizing defeat. We don’t agree with this assessment. We admit that we face great challenges, and we have resolved to meet these challenges by intensifying the struggle. We waged a victorious struggle to get our Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) ordinance into the City Council chamber. The introduction of CPAC into the Council on July 20, 2016 by Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa and eight fellow aldermen was historically significant. This was the first time ever that legislation has been introduced that would empower the people in our communities to hold the police accountability. Did we lose in October what we had gained on July 20? No we did not. Our ordinance was not even up for a vote. The CPAC ordinance hasn’t even been voted out of committee. The only ordinance on the City Council floor was Mayor Emanuel’s CopA. The CopA ordinance replaces the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) with a new ‘independent’ body to deal with police crimes and misconduct. It is just another layer of bureaucracy designed to excuse and justify police crimes. In passing CopA, the City Council and the Mayor have completely ignored the democratic demands of the people of Chicago for an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council. In spite of all the thousands of people demonstrating for CPAC, in spite of the majority of the people demanding CPAC at all the public hearings convened by the City Council’s Progressive Caucus, in spite of every strand of the peoples movement demanding CPAC and opposing CopA, in spite of all this public outcry, the Mayor and his cohorts passed the CopA ordinance. The people’s response to tyranny is to sharpen our democratic demands and intensify our struggle for our inalienable democratic right to determine who polices our communities and how our communities are policed. That is why at our public meeting Monday October 10, 2016 we voted to call for a boycott of Black Friday this November 25th. In support of our demand that the City Council Enact CPAC we are calling upon all the freedom loving people of Chicago to join us in boycotting the Magnificent Mile in the Loop on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Since the Laquan McDonald video was revealed and the Black Friday protest last November, approximately 20 more have been shot by the police (up 20%), 460 shot at and assaulted with other weapons by police (up 25%), 3,500 more misconduct complaints filed (up 10%), Zero officers have been fired. This equals Zero community control of the police. CopA leaves City Hall in control. This is why we are calling for the boycott of the Magnificent...

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Pack the gallery at City Hall, testify for CPAC

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PACK THE GALLERY AT CITY HALL, TESTIFY FOR CPAC! Oct 5 Press Statement  Shame on City Hall as CopA Passes – Movement for CPAC Grows as Justice is Denied When: 9am, Tuesday 4th October, 2016  Where: Chicago City Hall, 121 N LaSalle, 2nd floor PRESS RELEASE  Press Coverage: Sun Times Oct 4 Protesters take issue with mayor’s police oversight plan ABC News Oct 4 Chicago Council Approves Emanuel’s Plan for Police Probes Chicago Monitor Oct 4 Chicago City Council Passes Emanuel Control of the Police Ordinance #CPACNow  – NO more lies, NO more delays of justice NO more fake police accountability. We demand community control of the Chicago police! The mayor and his puppets are continuing to dodge the people. The Public Safety Subcommittee meeting, after three previously canceled dates, is now rescheduled for Tuesday October 4th. These aldermen are hoping to slip Rahm’s phony COPa ordinance through the committee to an empty gallery. But they cannot hide from the wrath of the people. We are calling upon the people, especially the survivors of police crimes and torture, to join us Tuesday, October 4, 2016 to again demand that the Mayor and the City Council respect the people’s demand for justice and an all elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC). We call on the City Council to reject Mayor Emanuel’s legislative proposals in full and to ENACT CPAC NOW! The Progressive Caucus of the City Council called a series of hearings on police accountability that started on July 21 2016 at Malcolm X College. The hearings, called by those complicit in the murder of Laquan McDonald and the subsequent cover-up, were a farce designed to fail. The Council convened these hearings to try to hoodwink the people into thinking they would have a voice in shaping the piece meal reform legislation proposed by the Mayor and his Task Force on Police Accountability. To ensure these hearings would not just be about the Mayor’s fake accountability proposals, Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, in response to his constituents, introduced the CPAC Ordinance (#02016-5707) into the City Council on July 20, 2016. We attended these hearings to turn them into an arena of struggle for CPAC. At every single hearing, throughout the city, people overwhelmingly rejected the legislative reforms proposed by the City Council and demanded that CPAC be enacted. All the people, black, brown and white, citizens and immigrants, demanded community control of the police. Now the Mayor and his puppet aldermen are hoping to slip Rahm’s phony COPa ordinance through committee while no one is watching. They keep rescheduling to dodge the people. But they cannot hide from the wrath of the people. We will be there to demand CPAC. We are not asking that the CPAC ORDINANCE be considered as one proposal among many. We are demanding that CPAC be enacted because it is the only legislative proposal that empowers the people to hold the police accountable. THE PEOPLE SAY, “NO MORE LIES! NO MORE APPOINTMENTS! ENACT CPAC NOW!!!” SEE YOU AT CITY HALL THIS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, AT 9AM, PACK THE GALLERY AND TESTIFY FOR CPAC #CPACNow...

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In Solidarity with Charlotte Emergency Action

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In Solidarity with Charlotte Emergency Action FB In Solidarity with Charlotte  When: 5:30p Thursday Sept 22, 2016 Where: Malcolm X College, 1900 W. Jackson UPDATE:       Press coverage Fight Back News  Chicago stands with Charlotte uprising Demands community control of the police New York Times  The Latest: Protesters Criticize Chicago Mayor’s Plan Fox 32 Chicago Chicago protesters call for more police accountability, not more cops CBS Chicago Demonstrators Skeptical Of Chicago Mayor’s Public Safety Plan         Join the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression in a vigil in solidarity with the people of Charlotte, North Carolina. Keith Scott was killed September 20th as he waited for his son after school. The people of Charlotte have risen up in protest for two nights now. This came a few days later after the police in Tulsa, Oklahoma released a video of a white police officer shooting Terence Crutcher who had his hands in the air. We will gather outside Malcolm X College, where tonight, Mayor Rahm Emanuel might present his fake police accountability plan to an invitation only audience. Our message will continue to be that any plan to hold the police accountable can’t include appointments by the mayor. The community has made it clear: we want an elected, civilian police accountability council. Right now the idea of community control of the police is like a specter haunting Chicago. The major news outlets are talking about it, peoples’ advocates are talking about it and even members of the City Council are talking about it. But what is not being talked about is the fact that our movement has a pending Ordinance entitled Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) that will empower our communities to hold the police accountable for their crimes. We need to talk louder about CPAC because we are being ignored. We cannot allow the idea of community control of the police to be divorced from our campaign to have CPAC ENACTED. Anyone who says community control of the police in on breadth should say CPAC in the...

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CPAC NOW Protest City Hall The People Demand Community Control

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CPAC NOW Protest City Hall The People Demand Community Control, Sept 29 2016   #CPACNow The People Demand Community Control Join and share on FB  What: Mass Protest for CPAC When: 9am Thursday Sept 29, 2016 Where: Chicago City Hall, 121 N LaSalle, 2nd flr JOIN the next mass protest for an elected CPAC NO MORE LIES, FAKERY OR DELAYS  – DEMAND COMMUNITY CONTROL OF THE CHICAGO POLICE, DEMAND CPAC! Sept 29 is the day the mayor’s fake police accountability ordinance (COP-A) is supposed to be voted on by City Council. All smoke and mirrors fakery, COP-A is IPRA with a new name, an added layer of red tap that involves yet another APPOINTED attorney to the farce. The all elected CPAC (Civilian Police Accountability Council) is NOT community oversight CPAC is community control….. The Mayor and City Hall with this COP-A ordinance want you to confuse the two, they want you support keeping a police accountability system that is designed to fail. DEMAND A SYSTEMIC CHANGE FOR JUSTICE #CPACNOW All Power to the People!...

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CPACNOW The People Demand Democratic Control

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CPAC NOW The People Demand Democratic Control   When: 9am Wednesday September 14th, 2016 Where: Chicago City Hall, 121 N LaSalle St, RM 201 Press: Chicago Monitor Emanuel Refuses to Hear Chicago’s Calls for Community Control of Police Join and share FB event PRESS RELEASE  OPEN LETTER TO OUR ALLIES AND STRATEGIC  PARTNERS Photo-album courtesy of Bob Simpson  After weeks of so called community hearings on police accountability by the Progressive Caucus of the City Council, pushing the Mayor’s fake accountability proposals, the farce continues. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s deceptive policy of declaring one thing and doing another has come into play once again… Just a few weeks ago we were told that the Mayor would present his full legislative proposals on police accountability to the full meeting of the City Council to be held on September 21, 2016. WELL IT’S NOT HAPPENING! The ONLY City Council meeting scheduled for Septmember will be held on September 14th 2016 AT 9AM IN CITY HALL, 2nd floor WE HAVE TO BE THERE SEPT14 TO LET MAYOR EMANUEL AND THE CITY COUNCIL KNOW THAT WE THE PEOPLE WANT AND DEMAND CPAC! UPDATE: The Mayor and his City Council cronies were planning to ram-rod their fake police accountability reforms through the City Council on September 14,  However, confronted with the outrage of the people and total lack of public support Mayor Emanuel has decided once again to run and switch dates, to avoid the wrath of the people. It was announced that the new date for introduction of the Mayor’s fake accountability legislation is now September 29, 2016. Our immediate aim was to stop the Mayor from introducing his fake reform on Sept 14, we succeeded! We will also not be distracted by the bait and switch tactics of political cowards, not conceding a single inch of space or moment of time to these traitors, we will be there on Sept 14 to demand the council enact CPAC and claim our partial victory!  Enough ignoring the demands of the communities of Chicago. At every single hearing that was held throughout the city people rejected the legislative reforms proposed by the City Council and demanded that CPAC be enacted. All the people demanded community control of the police. We are not asking that the CPAC ORDINANCE be considered as one proposal among many. We are demanding that CPAC be enacted because it is the only legislative proposal that empowers the people to hold the police accountable. We are not fooled nor surprised, even for a millisecond, by all the chicanery of City Hall and the Mayor’s flunkeys who are trying to push the same appointed tower of fake police accountability. NO to ALL new and old APPOINTED police oversight bodies, whatever fake names they are cloaked with! YES to all elected all Civilian Police Accountability Council – All Power to the People! Jusitce not appoinments CPAC is on the Chicago City Council Agenda Record # O2016-5707 Link to the legislation on file at City Clerk’s office:

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