A Breakthrough Month in our Campaign for CPAC, Community Control of the Police March 2016

Feb 29, 2016



A Breakthrough Month in our Campaign for CPAC, Community Control of the Police

Gerrit Hatcher, Stop Police Crimes, CAARPR




Although the CAARPR and the campaign for CPAC have always had deep and broad support from activist and community organizations in Chicago and nationally, the past few weeks have seen an uptick in political endorsements essential to our legislative campaign. We have received offers of sponsorship for the CPAC ordinance from Chicago Aldermen Ricardo Muñoz of the 22nd ward, Proco Joe Moreno of the 1st ward and Toni Foulkes of the 16th,  as well endorsements from State’s Attorney candidate Kim Foxx, and Illinois State Representative candidate Teresa Mah.  Alderman Muñoz, Moreno and Folks have offered to involve themselves in the campaign as we plan ahead to build a larger coalition for CPAC’s official introduction.

Kim Foxx is mobilizing Chicagoans to remove Anita Alvarez from office this year, which naturally puts her views on police accountability front and center in the eyes of voters and all Chicago residents who are committed to stopping police crimes. Her public endorsement of CPAC has made our campaign a voting issue in the State’s Attorney race, and is a step in the direction of systemic change in Chicago. Teresa Mah is a candidate for state representative in Chicago’s second district, and her official endorsement of the CPAC ordinance brings us closer to broad progressive support on the state level.


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