CAARPR Open Letter: An Appeal to Save the Life of Troy Davis

Sep 14, 2013

September 2011

An Open Letter to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and members of the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole

We join many individuals and organizations world-wide in urging you to spare the life of Troy Davis by granting his appeal for clemency.

There is lingering doubt of his guilt. No physical evidence to connect him to the tragic killing of police officer Mark Allen McPhail was ever produced. And no jury ever heard the recantations of seven of the nine witnesses who testified against him.

This case puts our justice system on trial. Will it be guilty of ending yet another life–especially when evidence in the case is so inconclusive. The dictum, “innocent until proven guilty,” has been turned on its head. Instead, “guilty until found innocent,” seems to prevail.

While Troy Davis faces death, the possibility remains that the real killer is at large–a disservice to justice and an affront to the memory of Officer McPhail.

Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression