Court Support for Mike Siviwe Elliott: Hearing Updates

Apr 11, 2016

Flyer_MSE_CourtHearing_April29Show Up For Mike, Court Support for Mike Siviwe Elliott: Hearing Updates

NEXT court date

When: 9:00am Friday April 29, 2016
Where:  555 W Harrison, Chicago,  3rd floor RM 303

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Press Release

On Dec 29, just after midnight, our dear comrade Mike Siviwe Elliot was falsely arrested and held by Metra Police and CPD. Metra police were brutalizing a young woman on a Metra train that night, Mike was recording this abuse–they then arrested and charged him with battery and reckless conduct!Here is Mike Siviwe Elliot’s summation of the proceedings at court on Jan 20, 2016

Here is Mike Siviwe Elliot’s summation of the proceedings at court on Jan 20, 2016

“1) They agreed to return my phone, the judge issued an ‘order of release’ to the Metra police, but when I took it to them to retrieve my phone, the assigned officer was “not in” ? So I still didn’t get my phone back.

2) The Notorious Anita Alvarez, has a “supervisor of prosecutors” assigned to handle my misdemeanor case? It was revealed that this Alvarez prosecutor has been following my 2- FB pages. ( so allow me to inform you right now, that you on the wrong side of justice and you have shamed your ancestors!)
3) The Metra cop that arrested me, Officer Carr (badge # 9718) had been instructed at our last court date, that he would not be needed today, but he came anyway. He even had the nerve to speak to me, after filing false charges against me? Why was he there anyway, really?
4) My supporters were magnificent again! Unfortunately, it was a very small courtroom and none of them were allowed to enter, even though some seats were available. A beautiful crowd of about 30-people greeted me when I left out the courtroom. I got tons of hugs!
The struggle continues…”
Mike works tirelessly to bring different strands of the movement together – from organized labor to various youth orgs – organizing for CPAC, for community control of the police, against the daily, racist terrorism of CPD. We are fighting these bogus charges against Mike with the same tireless spirit in which he fights for all of us. Support Mike Siviwe ElliottPack the Courtroom!