CPAC NOW! The Battle Continues Protest City Hall

Aug 8, 2016

CPAC NOW! The Battle Continues Protest City Hall Part 2 

CPAC PressConference_0706

Where: City Hall, 121 N LaSalle, 2nd floor lobby outside council chamber

CPAC Peoples Hearing on Police Crimes part 1
11:00 am – 11:30 am – Press Conference
11:30 am – 1:30pm
CPAC Peoples Hearing on Police Crimes part 2
9am – 11:30 am
Roll call on alderman supporting CPAC

See CPACNOW Protest City Hall Part 1  

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 CBS 2 Activists call for elected police oversight agency
Sun Times Emanuels plan to solicit input before abolishing IPRA condemned
Chicago Tribune Emanuel police oversight changes delayed again
Chicago Reporter police reform hearings decried as a farce by advocates
After police shootings, Chicagoans demand accountability 

The battle lines have been drawn by the Mayor and his cohorts, as they finesse their cloaking plans to keep the racist system of police impunity in place via more mayor appointed positions and boards. The People are demanding democratic community control of the Chicago police, the Mayor continues his smoke and mirror game of fake police accountability. On July 6th & 7th the City plans to hold more bogus hearings at City Hall.

We will be there, not to collude with this farce, but to fight back with CPAC! We will be holding the real People’s Hearings on Chicago police crimes and to demand the democratic solution—an all elected civilian police accountability council. Join us in the lobby of the second floor at City Hall July 6th & 7th for the CPAC Peoples Hearings

FIGHT BACK WITH CPAC! No Mayor appointed oversight board, monitor, auditor, or inspector general, no more police board, no more IPRA, no more internal affairs…Only community control. Only CPAC!