Protest: Dept of Justice Stop Your Complicity in Police Crimes Dec 10 2015

Nov 15, 2015

Department of Justice STOP your complicity in police crimes prosecute the torture and killer cops!


What: Protest Rally & March  #StopPoliceCrimes
International Human Rights Day

Why Did We Protest In Fedral Plaza Last Night?

Formal Complaint letter to DOJ Chicago submitted by CAARPR /police crime survivors & families of police crime victims Dec 10, 2015

Photo by Bob Simpson

Photo by Bob Simpson


Police crime survivors and family members of victims, top clockwise: Mr Farmer, Mr Clements, Ms Watts, Ms Morgan, Mr Morgan. Photo by Sandra Stone

. Photo by Sandra Stone



Photo by Bob Simpson

Photo by Bob Simpson

Photo by Alayna Barba

Photo by Alayna Barba

Photo by Bill Chambers

Photo by Bill Chambers

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Our Demands: 










The Call

In alliance with survivors of police crimes and torture, the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression calls upon all our sisters and brothers in struggle and all the various strands of the people’s movement to join us in a mass rally at Federal Plaza. Join us in protest after we present our demands for justice and an end to racist police crimes to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

We are holding the U.S. Federal Government accountable for it’s complicity in police crimes and torture. 

We will present an open letter and complaint to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch demanding that DANTE SERVIN, THE MURDERER OF REKIA BOYD, GEORGE HERNANDEZ,  THE MURDERER OF RONALD JOHNSON, GERARDO SIERRA, THE MURDERER OF FLINT FARMER, AND ALL KILLER COPS be investigated, charged and prosecuted for murder pursuant to Title 18 United States Code, section 242.

This letter of complaint will be accompanied by formal complaints of police crimes filed individually by victims of these crimes and their families. This will include complaints by victims of police torture and wrongful convictions based on false confessions. We demand that the police officers involved in these crimes be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We remind the Attorney General that the Statute of Limitations clock on the crime of torture only begins when the crime ceases. These  crimes are ongoing because the imprisonment of these men who were tortured continues today. Charge and prosecute  JON BURGE, MICHAEL KILL, KENNETH BOUDREAU, JOHN HALLORAN, JAMES O’BRIEN,REYNALDO GUEVARA, GLENN EVANS, AND ALL TORTURE COPS.

We will also be demanding that the DOJ investigate the torture site known as Homan Square and close it down. We demand that the DOJ prosecute those in the Chicago Police Department responsible for this outrage, starting at the top with the Superintendent of Police, Garry McCarthy.  International news media reports reveal that this torture chamber is in open and blatant violation of the Eight Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and international law prohibiting human rights violations and it should be immediately shut down.

We issue this call at a time when our city and country are experiencing an unprecedented epidemic of police crimes and torture. The City of Chicago has been called the wrongful conviction capital of the nation. This grave injustice is compounded by the fact that the criminals in blue and the prosecutors responsible for these injustices have never been held accountable. This must change and we, the people, must change it! We must demand that the DOJ enforce the law and act to defend the people oppressed by this racist system.

We are therefore calling upon the entire people, throughout the greater Chicago area, to join us in holding our government accountable for its complicity in police crimes and torture, to join us in demanding that police criminals be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that HOMAN SQUARE BE SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY.


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