NEW! Weekly Community Meetings to Stop Police Crimes - Hood Hope Movement & Chicago Alliance

Jan 6, 2015

Community Meetings to Stop Police Crimes


Hood Hope Movement
Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression

When: EVERY Saturday 12p – 3p, starting Saturday January 10, 2015
Where: NEW LOCATION Farrell’s Barbershop, 6426 S.Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago IL 60637

Stopping Police Crimes
How do we stop the Chicago police from terrorizing our neighborhoods from racial profiling, murdering and torturing our communities? … By demanding a systemic change, by demanding community control of the policewhere cops are held accountable for their crimes and communities control policing policies and procedures. How do we get there? … By fighting for an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC)
Come join us, learn about CPAC, share your experiences and ideas, get involved!
Contact: Real Deep 312.785-4182 or Frank Chapman 312.513-3795


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