Once Again No Justice! And Once Again No Peace!

Dec 31, 2014

(Thousands of New Yorkers Protested in the Streets After Grand Jury Refused to Indict Cops for Murder)

(Thousands of New Yorkers Protested in the Streets After Grand Jury Refused to Indict Cops for Murder)



Frank Chapman, Field Organizer
Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

From the murder of Oscar Grant last year at Fruitvale Station, to the blatant subsequent murders of   Michael Brown, Eric Garner millions of people in our country now realize that as far as the criminal justice system goes Black lives do not matter. The murder of Eric Garner and Michael Brown by white police officers has sparked an uprising of the people like we have not seen before. In New York people did not just take to the streets in Harlem and the Bronx, they couldn’t call it a ghetto rebellion of Black folk, because it was much more than that. The masses were out in the streets and they were the multi-racial, multi-national masses who bottled up traffic in Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, the Brooklyn Bridge and the West Side Highway. The energy was high and they were out until the wee hours of the morning.

There were no tanks or military like operations in play. The police, as far as police go in these type of situations, were not confrontational. How could they be they were vastly outnumbered? And in several instances the masses demonstrated that they (the masses) could take the streets when they wanted to.  But it was in a passive resistance manner that said in deed that “we can stop trains, traffic and business as usual so take heed”.

The police and their friends in the media tried to give the impression that they were in control but the visual images did not support this proposition. All and all I think what we are witnessing is the fact that the mass discontent among the masses has found a channel of protest against the official racist violence of the police and government compliance with that violence. So now we are seeing responses from the President on down, from elected officials that were not there during the Ferguson uprising. The Mass response is more massive, more diverse and more national and international in character and that is why the President is talking about a task force and meeting with civil rights leaders. And it is also why Rev . Al Sharpton is calling for a March on Washington a week from Saturday.

Where do we stand? In the struggle as always; however, we can now move with the winds of mass protest pushing us harder and faster. The youth pushing forward like never before have created a new moral and political climate in favor of our struggle for civilian control of the police. We must find our way to the heart of this struggle, pushing the idea of an elected Civilian Police Accountability Councils, before the powers that be take the heart out of the struggle.

How do we stop the police from racial profiling and murdering our people? How do we stop the police and the government from derailing our movements terrorizing the people? By demanding community control of the police where the people are empowered to hold the police accountable for the crimes they commit. How do we get there? By fighting for an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council….