Press Conference: Chicago labor and community leaders urge an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council

May 8, 2015


Chicago labor and community leaders unite in the demand a Civilian Police Accountability Council. Nesreen Hasan of US Palestinian Community Network (front, center left) “CPAC is a demand for democracy that will allow Chicagoans a real opportunity to hold police accountable for the crimes they commit.” Press conference 5th Floor, Mayor’s Office, Chicago City Hal, May 7, 2015


LaCreshia Birts, BYP 100, supporting the Stop Police Crimes campaign, demanding CPAC-community control of the Chicago Police


Lavertta Pitts. Fight for 15, demanding a Civilian Police Accountability Council “As black mother of three from the Westside struggling to make ends meet, I’ve seen firsthand officers constantly stopping and bothering young men and women for no reason. I believe that we, the community, should be able to have a voice in OUR justice system!”

May 7th Press Conference, Statements of Support for CPAC:

Fight for 15

US Palestinian Community Network                



CPAC in the News
Push for An Elected Police Accountability Board Continues in Chicago 







                        PRESS PRESS CONFERENCE THURSDAY 7TH MAY, 2015  @ 11AM

5th Floor, Mayor’s Office, Chicago City Hall, 21 N. LaSalle St

Activists to Mayor: Elected Civilian Police Accountability Council now!

Chicago labor and community leaders urge an elected Civilian Police
Accountability Council in the wake of unmitigated police crimes


CHICAGO 5/7 – The Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression (CAARPR), activist groups and labor union representatives demand that Mayor Rahm Emanuel support the call for the establishment of an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) to end the deadly cycle of police violence that’s being disproportionately perpetrated against Black and Latino people in Chicago. CPAC will abolish and replace the highly biased and ineffective Police Board and the handpicked Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA). As it stands, IPRA investigates police misconduct, like shootings, and IPRA management is made of six former cops.

“The community demands real control over the police who terrorize the south and west sides, murdering our young people without any repercussions. CPAC is a chance to stop these racist police murders in their tracks and stand up for the youth,” said Mike Elliot, Chair of the Labor Committee of the Alliance.

The astonishingly unjust acquittal of Chicago Police detective, Dante Servin, for the cold blooded killing of 22 year old Rekia Boyd, and protests in Baltimore that  were sparked by the police killing of Freddie Gray, a 25 year old Black man who died in police custody after being brutally beaten, have intensified a burgeoning national call for police accountability.

“We commend every person who has struggled alongside us in this long, hard journey for justice for police violence victims and survivors. The Reparations Ordinance is an amazing step but the road to ending police violence is far from over. We demand Mayor Emanuel support civilian police accountability and put an end to these racist murders,” Elliot said.


CPAC press conference attendees: Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression; BYP 100; US Palestinian Community Network; SEIU Local 73; Fight for 15; Graduate Employees Organization at UIC and more …

Endorsers include: Angela Davis; Author; Black Caucus – American Federation of Teachers; Campaign to End the Death Penalty; Chicago Torture Justice Memorials; United Electrical; Radio and Machine Workers – Western Region; UIC Graduate Employees Organization; Project NIA; Emma Lozano; Pueblo Sin Fronteras; Black People Against Police Torture; National Conference of Black Lawyers; South Side Chapter – NAACP; St. Margaret Episcopal Church; Kevin Tyson; Trinity United Church of Christ; Howard Morgan, Mark Clements, and over 50 victims of the Chicago Police Department (see