Protest: End IPRA and its “Agenda” of Police Impunity July 23 2015

Jul 22, 2015

TW_Protest to End IPRA and Agenda_Cop_Impunity


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Mike Siviwe Elliot, CAAPR "End IPRA and it's Agenda of Cop Impunity" Protest

Mike Siviwe Elliot, CAAPRR at the “End IPRA and it’s Agenda of Cop Impunity” Protest July 23, 2015


LaCreshia Birts, CAAPRR at the “End IPRA and it’s Agenda of Cop Impunity” Protest July 23, 2015

Protest at Independent Police Review Authority

WHERE: 1615 W Chicago Ave, Chicago 
WHEN: 10:30am Thursday July 23, 2015 

We Demand the End of IPRA and its “Agenda” of Police Impunity

The firing of Lorenzo Davis this past week is the final and inarguable proof that the Independent Police Review Authority’s (IPRA) true agenda is total impunity for the police. Out of the 400 police shootings that IPRA has investigated in its eight years of existence, they have only judged one solitary shooting unjustified. IPRA has failed in its supposed mission to hold the police accountable, while it has succeeded in its real mission of generating an untouchable police force. The answer is clear: IPRA must to go.

The Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression is and has been demanding an end to IPRA and the Police Board, to be executed through the enactment of an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC)*

We demand that Chicago’s City Council enact CPAC! Once again we demand that the Department of Justice bring criminal cops to justice! Finally, we call upon the people of Chicago who cannot take any more police crimes and cover-ups to join us on August 29th in our mass march in support of CPAC!

Endorsed by Black Lives Matter

*For more info about CPAC go to