Rekia Boyd's Murderer Finally Charged

Police Crime Dec 2, 2013

Frank Chapman, Field Organizer
Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

(We Issue This Statement On Behalf Of The Victims and

Survivors of Police Crimes and Their Families)

Today was truly a moment of truth for the Rekia Boyd family and our movement. From the very start we called this murder, a wanton and senseless murder of a young woman gunned down in the prime of her life by CPD Officer Dante Servin. For the first time in 15 years a Chicago police officer has been charged with shooting a civilian and that is truly incredible. While we dip our banners and acknowledge that Servin’s indictment is a victory, we also hasten to add that without a movement for justice for Rekia Boyd, Detective Servin would not have been charged with manslaughter. He is presently free on $75,000 bail and just as it took a movement to win this significant victory, it is going to take a movement to see it through to conviction, because this current system has a natural instinct to protect police criminals. (see: John Burge, Gildardo Sierra, 657 police shootings only 1 officer charged, Anthony Abbate)

Pat Camden of the Fraternal Order of the Police (FOP) said: “ It’s a sad day when a Chicago police officer is charged for something he was trained to do when defending himself” and about a dozen of Servin’s police colleagues showed up to the arraignment to support detective Servin, a clear example of their instinct to protect their colleagues, even in the face of overwhelming proof of criminality.

Detective Servin claimed that Antonio Cross was his intended target, detective Servin claims that Antonio Cross aimed a gun at him, as it turns out, Antonio Cross only held a cellphone that he was speaking on at the time of the shooting. In a statement to the press, States Attorney Anita Alvarez said, “It is a sad when charges are warranted against a police officer, but we feel very strongly that in this particular case, Ms. Rekia Boyd lost her life for no reason.” She further stated that Officer Servin’s “…actions were not appropriate, not justified and were reckless.”

“… Not justified and were reckless”, let us remember those words, but let us NOT be confused! The State’s Attorney’s Office has not been a friend and advocate for the citizens and residents of Chicago, and has done nothing to protect us from police criminality, without intense community pressure and threat of national embarrassment and possible federal sanctions (see: Anthony Abbate, Flint Farmer, Robert Vaneco). So again we caution you, it is going to take a movement to see this through to a conviction ! Remember Zimmerman!!

Perhaps we are witnessing a break with the days of a seemingly trivial and cowardly States Attorney’s office, that turned a blind eye and deaf ear to our demands for justice in the cases of Rekia Boyd, Howard Morgan, Dakota Bright, Flint Farmer and numerous other victims of police crimes. Those of you who stood in solidarity with the Rekia Boyd family, who joined our movement to create a Civilian Police Accountability Committee (CPAC), who marched with us 500 strong around City Hall and who are petitioning and protesting with us now; let us all be energized and share in this victory for the Boyd family, for it is a great day for the people of Chicago, when a police officer is not excused for murdering an innocent, young, African American woman, but is instead being prosecuted for the crime he committed. We must not see this as ‘THE’ victory, but merely ‘A’ victory, and a day of hope and a harbinger of things to come, so long as we Dare to Struggle and Dare to Win.