About the Stop Police Crimes Campaign

Sep 15, 2013

The Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression organized this website to serve as a tool and a guide for victims of police crimes.


From January 2009 to the end of September 2013  Chicago police killed 72 people and shot another 143, according to the “Independent Police Review Authority” (IPRA) [Note 1]. This violence was perpetrated against 197 African Americans and 33 Latinos[i]. Not a single police officer has been charged or disciplined for any of these crimes by the Police Board or the State’s Attorney.

We need to organize a grass roots campaign for an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) that can initiate prosecution of police officers who commit crimes against the people. 

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(Read the full text of the proposed legislation.)

On August 28, 2013, we organized a mass March on City Hall demanding passage of legislation enacting and enabling an elected CPAC.  You can view a few of the highlights of this mass march HERE.  The March was endorsed by over 200 individual community leaders and organizations.  Click HERE for the full list of endorsers.

There have been two People’s Hearings on Police Crimes.  The first was in July, 2012 and the second in February, 2013.  You can view highlights of the first People’s Hearing HERE.  These Hearings brought together hundreds of community activists and a few elected officials, who heard testimony from dozens of parents, brothers, and sisters of people who were murdered by Chicago Police or tortured and forced to confess to crimes they did not commit.

We called this Hearing because we as victims and a community under siege are concerned and outraged about police crimes. The evidence presented at the Peoples Hearing was emotionally moving.  People testified about how their children were murdered, shot, tortured and falsely imprisoned; and about how some Chicago Police officers operating under the color of law and hiding behind their badges have went on one shooting spree after another wounding and killing African Americans, Latinos and other people of color. We heard about Howard Morgan, a CPD veteran and active duty railroad police officer, who was shot 28 times by 4 white officers, and then, when he didn’t die, was charged with attempted murder and sent to prison for 40 years!

The Hearings demonstrated that violent police are out of control in our communities, and that nothing is being done to bring and end to this tyrannical, violent repression.  They continue this terrorism even while they are incapable of stopping the wave of fratricidal violence that takes so many lives.

We are proposing that something be done that has never been done before in this city; we are proposing that legislation be passed that will hold the police accountable to the communities that they are subjecting to violent repression. The City Council, the County Board and the State Legislature, are not going to just take up this legislation and pass it without a struggle. We are going to have to organize, starting right here in Chicago, a grass roots campaign to get this law passed.


[Note 1] IPRA is “independent” in name only, since its head is appointed by the Mayor.