CAARPR Steering Committee

Executive Committee

Clarice Durham

Ted Pearson

Josephine Wyatt


Willie Williamson


Kevin Lindemann

       Rec’g Sec’y

Mike Siviwe Elliott

       Labor Committee Chairman

       News Media Secretary

Frank Chapman

       Field Secretary

       Education Director

 Steering Committee

Judith Stuart

       Prison Medical Project Coordinator

Larry Redmond

       Attorney at Law

       General Counsel

Jeff Baker

       Committee for a Better Chicago

Gregory Malandrucco


Crista Noël

Cherese Williams

       Cabrini-Green Legal Aid

Hassan Akinbiyi, M.D.

Gloria J. Johnson-Ester

Billie Rosman

Patricia J. Welch

Mildred Williamson

Organizing Committee to Stop Police Crimes (includes Steering Committee)

Khalid Abdullah

       National  Jericho Movement

Marissa Brown

       Occupy the South Side

Bertha Escamilla

       Mother of Nick Escamilla, police torture victim

Kamm Howard


Emmett Farmer

       Father of Flint Farmer, murdered by Police

Lewis Myers

       Attorney at Law

Jonathon Winbush

       Occupy the South Side