July Newsletter 2021: News from the Struggle

Jun 22, 2021

NAARPR National Day of Action a Success

Over 18 chapters across the United States participated in the “When the Verdict Drops, We Reign in the Cops” National Day of Action. Each city rallied in response to Derek Chauvin being found guilty of the murder of George Floyd.

Deona Marie

Deona Marie was an activist from the Twin Cities who was murdered by a white supremacist on June 13, 2021. Activists and Community organizers were holding space to demand Justice for Winston Smith, a black man murdered by the Minnesota Police Department. Nicholas Kraus drove his car at 90 MPH through the crowd and this resulted in the death of Deona Marie and other injuries. Kraus is currently being held on murder charges.

No Cops in Schools!

The Michiana Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression led an effort to reevaluate ways to keep students safe while in schools. "It is hard. I think some of these guys are good and some of these guys are doing what they're supposed to be doing," said Paul Mishler of the Michiana Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression. "But there is a system of policing that is harmful to young black people and being a nice guy is not the answer to that."

Mishler suggested leaders take a broad look at the services police officers provide and consider whether conflict resolution and restorative justice practices could better help curb issues such as fighting.

ECPS: Empowering Communities for Public Safety Now!

The ordinance will fundamentally transform policing and public safety in Chicago by:

  1. creating a  Community Commission on Public Safety,
  2. creating District Councils, and
  3. creating an opportunity  for additional democratic reform.

“We are on the cusp of passing real police accountability”

The Coalition behind the Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) and Grassroots Alliance for Police  Accountability (GAPA) ordinances have united and created an ordinance to transform policing in Chicago.  The two coalitions represent more than 100 organizations and tens of thousands of people. Hundreds of community members from neighborhoods across the city were directly involved in creating the ordinance  that integrates the best thinking on police reform in Chicago and gives Chicago communities a powerful  voice in determining what policing looks like. Aldermen who have led efforts for reform have been deeply involved, and the coalitions and aldermanic leaders are working to ensure that there is City Council  support for the change Chicago needs.

Thousands Rally in Dallas to Defend Palestine

For two weekends in a row thousands took the streets to demand an end to Black civil rights activists in Dallas have also drawn parallels between the Palestinian experience and that of Black Americans. “The tear gas used on Palestinian protesters is made in the United States and is the same brand of tear gas used by United States police departments,” says Jennifer Miller, co-chair of the Dallas chapter of the National Alliance Against Racial and Political Repression. “It’s the same stuff that was used on me and my son in Dallas.”