An Open Letter to Freedom Fighters

Jan 22, 2021

Now that the pageantry and pomp and circumstance of inauguration is over we have to repeat what we have consistently said in the past: PUSH THE ISSUES NOT THE POLITICIANS. For there is no other option in a society ridden with race, gender, class and national oppression. In the normal course of events politics is about the art of compromise and reconciliation between various factions of the ruling class so that they can find unity on the backs of the oppressed.

But these are not normal times. The defeat of Trump took place in the wake of the largest Black-led rebellion in our history. Then came the counter-revolutionary response of a white supremacist/fascist led attempted coup commandeered by Trump and his racist cohorts in the government.

So, the inauguration you saw to day had to acknowledge the obvious while at the same time seeking a subterfuge to find its way back to compromise and reconciliation on the backs of the oppressed. Rhetorically denounce racism and the fascist monster its has breaded but continue down the same old path of political horse-trading between Democrats and Republicans. Continue to talk about working across the aisle while those who supported an attempted coup still sit in the House and Senate is clearly seeking compromise on the backs of Black and Brown people.

This is the character of the new era of struggle we are now in. The rebellion that got us here is the rebellion we must continue in order to decisively defeat the white supremacist/fascists. But we must do so in a more organized way. We must organize the transition from Black Rebellion to Black Liberation and not just gape and follow in the wake of spontaneous uprisings.

We have a people’s agenda for ending racism and meeting the demands of our class, the working class. NOW IS THE TIME TO FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLES AGENDA, FOR BLACK AND BROWN LIBERATION! ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!