Days of Service

Mar 5, 2020

Stop Police Crimes


People Working for the People

As well as attending the regular meetings and upcoming events, the SPC People’s Working Group

has another way for you to get involved working with your schedule and availability, it is called

the Stop Police Crimes Days of Service.


All you have to do is let us know which two days of every month you can commit 2 hours of your time

(total 4 hours a month, if you can commit more time great!) We will then contact you to let you

know what you will be doing and how to do it. There are various activities you will be asked to help with, all are important and will contribute to the passing of CPAC.


Please contact Jeff at [email protected] or call 773-559-2075

Let him know the details of the 2 days/time frames you are available (for e.g. it might be every first and second Monday of the month after 8am or be specific dates with varying times)

Whatever your schedule we will work with it and give you the necessary tools, support and guidance.

Examples of SPC days of service activities:

* Visit barbershops and beauty salons, tell your story and explain how CPAC would

have made a difference in the outcome, collect signatures and take names of potential volunteers.

* Visit city council, local aldermen, radio hosts or local journalists and tell your story,

explain how CPAC would have made a difference to the outcome.

* Visit victims of police crimes, listen to their story, offer support, tell your story and

explain how CPAC would have made a difference, collect their signatures and

ask them to help us to help them.

* Organize and send emails, forward the SPC newsletter.

* Send out messages on social media, FB, twitter etc

* Make calls to CPAC supporters, updating them on the fight and asking for their support,

send them to the online petition.

* Attend events with SPC signs, signing table and distribute CPAC information while collecting


SPC Days of Service Saving the lives of future police crime victims one day at a time



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