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Dec 10, 2013


Stop Police Crimes Movement Advances Nationally


In the last month, there have been important developments in the locations throughout the country, advancing the national movement to stop police crimes.


New York, NY: Stopping “Stop and Frisk”

Reversing the protestations of his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, New York’s new mayor Bill DeBlasio on January 30, 2014, announced that he would not contest the federal court decision from the summer of 2013 that required the NYPD to cease its notorious (and, it turned out, unconstitutional) “Stop and Frisk” sweeps. (See Mayor Says New York City Will Settle Suits on Stop-and-Frisk Tactics )

The defeat of “Stop and Frisk” was a major victory for civil liberties advocates and the movement to stop police crimes, and signaled the growing sophistication of the forces allied to put a stop to demonstrably racist practices. (See As Critics United, Stalled Battle Against Frisking Tactic Took Off )


Charlotte, NC: Prosecutors Refuse to Take “No” For An Answer

In an encouraging sign, prosecutors who were confronted with a first grand jury that declined to indict police officer Randall Kerrick in the September 14 shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell, took the case to a second grand jury and obtained an indictment on a charge of voluntary manslaughter. (See 2nd grand jury indicts officer in shooting of ex-FAMU football player )


Chicago, IL: NATO3 Jury Says “NO!” To Terrorism Charges

On February 7, 2014, a jury brought back its decision in the so-called NATO3 case. They found the defendants not guilty on the terrorism charges against them. (They found the three guilty of lesser charges.) Notably, the NATO3 prosecution has shined a bright light on the infiltration, coercion, and entrapment practiced by the Chicago Police Department (See Trial of NATO3 Reveals Police Spying Operation ) and the hypocrisy of the State’s Attorney in pursuing theatrical prosecutions of people engaged in political dissent while ignoring nearly every police murder committed in her jurisdiction. (See In Chi-town USA: got terrorism? )


Pittsburgh, PA: Homicide Charges Against Killer Cop

In September, an off-duty Pittsburgh police officer, Kenneth Farnan, shot and killed a friend Shawn
Evans (a 56-year-old White male), at a bar. Farnan has been charged with criminal homicide, and is awaiting trial. (Full story )