Statement on the Lynching of George Floyd

May 27, 2020

"Yet another murder of an unarmed Black person in the month of May. Finan Berhe, in Springfield, MD, Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, GA, Breonna Taylor in Louisville, KY and now George Floyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN and all this in the worst pandemic in a century. What an outrage, what an American made tragedy that the lynching of Black people continues unabated, that racist terror continues to stalk the land like a beast of prey. With the brutal, callous murder of George Floyd, when one cop crushed the breath out of brother Floyd with a knee pressing down on his neck while other cops stood by watching. At best they were complicit in the murder of George Floyd.

No wonder the people rose up in righteous anger demanding justice for George Floyd and an end to this legacy of racial terror that plagues not only the Twin Cities but the entire country.

Since this reign of racial terror is not in the Twin Cities alone they must not rise up against it alone. This Saturday, May 30th, we will protest this injustice, this unchecked and usually unpunished murder of our people with a national day of protest demanding justice. A national day of protest demanding that those in prisons, jails and detention centers freed because in this pandemic these places are death traps. We demand justice for the families of those murdered by police and vigilantes, we demand freedom for the prisoners! FREE THEM ALL!"

— Frank Chapman, Executive Director National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression