National Call to Action for Atatiana Jefferson

May 3, 2022

A 28-year old woman was murdered in her own home while playing video games with Zion, her eight-year-old nephew, and the killer has a very good chance of walking free. Atatiana lived with her mother and nephew to care for them, so when she and Zion were startled by an intruder in their backyard, she approached the window where, in mere seconds, the trespasser shot her from outside. The man responsible for her death has a virtually unchecked power on his side for one simple reason: he wore a blue uniform and donned a badge issued by the Fort Worth Police Department.

Officer Aaron Dean is set to stand trial on June 23ʳᵈ, and we call upon all NAARPR affiliates and members, and all Black liberation and progressive activists to hold solidarity actions, joining the people of DFW in calling for justice for Atatiana Jefferson. We must put the nation’s eyes on this trial, and demand a stop to the continual delays, and prevent the trial from being moved out of Tarrant County to be swept under the rug.

So few cases of racist murder, torture, and abuse by police see the light of day, and of the ones that do, only a handful in this country have ever been given the justice that any other citizen would receive. The deadly power carelessly wielded by police is sanctioned by the state and defended by white supremacist groups all over America. So long as there is no public body, no community control of the police, to keep this power at the heel of our communities, we rise to be a force to do so.

For two and a half years, Atatiana’s family, friends, and community members have waited for justice while the prosecution has fought for delay after delay, and even trying to move the trial to a farther location where a jury would be easily swayed, and the case can be swept under the rug. Justice delayed is justice denied! We demand the trial begin on schedule, and that Dean be convicted just as any other person would, especially how Atatiana would have been treated if the roles were reversed.

No more qualified immunity for law enforcement! Community control of the police now!

All power to the people!